Monday, July 7, 2008

There's a great program called Bit o' Lit, featured on NPR today. Founder Shannon Macdonald coordinates the distribution of a free magazine to Washington D.C. Metro riders which filled with short excerpts from fiction and non-fiction books - a great way to hook commuters on new books. The Bit o' Lit website has more info, including some great articles. I especially liked "Getting Kids to Read: Why Turning Off the TV Isn't Enough." The article has great tips that teachers & librarians will want to pass on to parents. But I noticed something missing from the article: digital media. So I emailed Ms. Macdonald suggesting that non-print reading motivators for kids such as audiobooks, e-books, computer-based reading, and video book trailers be the subject of an upcoming article. Such items were part of a Bit o' Lit article aimed toward adults, but absent from the kid-focused tips. Perhaps Bit o' Lit might start an electronic newsletter targeted to young digital natives!

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