Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tantor's new Unabridged Classics - Kindle audiobook listener request

Although I have a weakness for shiny new tech toys, I have not yet entered the world of Kindles. However, I am very intrigued by the Kindle's ability to both display text and play audio files. The combination of both allows the Kindle to be a perfect tool for toggling - switching from print to audiobook as the situation requires. Tantor Audio has the perfect product to test this ability - the most excellent Unabridged Classic series. Time-tested titles ranging from The Secret Garden to The Art of War are given star treatment, with top-notch production and the best audiobook narrators. But the truly innovative touch is the inclusion of the complete title on PDF, ready for download to your computer. And at a super-low price, like Frankenstein narrated by Simon Vance for just $15.99 in the very cool single disc version, which includes both the MP3 audiobook & entire book on PDF !

So here's my request for any Kindle-owning readers: Get your hands on a Tantor Unabridged Classic. Add the audio file to the Kindle. Follow these tips from Joe Wilkert on the TeleRead blog for converting a PDF to a readable Kindle file. Listen when you feel like listening. Read when you feel like reading. Lord knows it drives me insane, but some might like to follow the text while listening. But most of all, leave a comment and let me know if this is possible!

I love this quote from Library Journal's Editor-in-Chief Francine Fialkoff in her editorial Beyond the Kindle:

The confluence of these digital formats, whether print, audio, or video, creates the potential for transition, while the high cost of paper and fuel and the slow growth of publishing ensure that it will come sooner rather than later.
Looks like Tantor Media is embracing the idea!

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Anonymous said...

I did not toggle back and forth on the Kindle, but I did download the CD with the PDF onto my laptop and listened and followed along for a bit. What I am aching to do is use this with teens. Once school is back in session, this is one of the first "experiments" I want to do.


Mary Burkey said...

Thanks, Teri! I agree that this format is a huge plus for educators & students - not to mention just plain cool!