Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mac text file to iTunes audiobook file: Speak to iTunes

Here's something interesting. Computer Science PhD student Michael Tyson from Melbourne, Australia has created a program, Speak to iTunes, that will convert a text file to an AAC encoded file that iTunes will import as an audiobook. This sounds like a great way for Mac users to take advantage of some of those free eBook promotions that publishers have been providing, not to mention all of the public domain titles available as PDFs, allowing readers to toggle from print to audio. I can also see multi-tasking students converting class notes or study guides into audio files for easy review on the iPod - and using the iPod variable speed audiobook control to slow down or speed up the audio. Special Education teachers exploring ways to integrate audio in their instruction may want to try this out!

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Michael said...

Thanks for visiting, Mary; I hope the tool's useful.

Mary Burkey said...

Thank YOU for developing the tool, Michael - and for stopping by the blog ;-)