Sunday, July 6, 2008

Readius: I want this shiny toy!

Wow - I really want this cool new cellphone with a display made for e-books: the Readius. The New York Times has a great story that describes all the features: the E Ink display (same as the Kindle), wireless downloads of email & books, ability to play music or audiobooks, standard cell phone capabilities. But the cool factor? The flexible 5-inch screen that rolls up into the body of the phone, resulting in a small package. Check out the Readius website for more info and a closer look, including videos. There's even a full-color prototype!

But don't put this on your gift list just yet - it will be available in England, Italy and Germany first, and won't hit the US until 2009. But here is just one more product that will make my prediction come true: cell phones will be the primary audiobook (and e-book) player. How long will this take? I'm guessing three more years. Your prediction?

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