Friday, November 21, 2008

Audiobooker has moved!

My Audiobooker blog has moved to a new address:

If you'd like to follow me to my new home, please resubscribe on the new site, change any RSS feeds, and update blogrolls. Hope to see you over on the Booklist Online website!


Kim Baise said...

So Long! See you soon!

Mary Burkey said...

Follow me to

See you there!


Pete said...

I left a post on the old site trying to figure out why I can't make iTunes 8 work. I followed the instructions on the old site, but for whatever reason, the tracks still end up in music rather than in the Audiobooks section of my "library". I'm using XP. Maybe I'm missing a step - does anyone have a step by step for dummies?

Mary Burkey said...

Hi Pete!

Take a look at this post on my new blog:

How it helps!

Audible Audio Books said...

Good luck!!