Monday, November 3, 2008

The Rivalry from L.A. Theater Works - theater online for free. And take advantage of your freedom to vote!

Here's a great resource for drama lovers & language arts teachers who wish to incorporate the sound of live theater in the classroom, using a perfect connection to Civil War studies. The entire performance of The Rivalry, a drama based on the Lincoln/Douglas debates, will be available for free the week of November 3-9. And what a great reminder of the importance of the presidency and the value of every single vote - so don't forget to GET OUT AND VOTE ON TUESDAY AS IF YOUR COUNTRY DEPENDED ON IT!

L.A. Theater Works offers a tremendous amount material on their website and through radio station KPPC's website- what a great way to introduce major works such as Pride & Prejudice, Julius Caesar, The Glass Menagerie, or The Grapes of Wrath to students using the performance of great actors.

L.A. Theater works has an entire education outreach website Alive and Aloud that contains audio clips and study guides for classroom teachers. There is even an outreach program for libraries in underserved areas, rural communities, and the visually impaired. Visit the sites and sign up for the newsletters!

Here's more info from L.A. Theater Works:

Live Streaming On-Demand!

Free for the week of November 3 - 9

David Strathairn and Paul Giamatti star as Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, rivals for the U.S. Senate - one a rising Illinois legislator and abolitionist candidate for the newly formed Republican party, the other the Democratic incumbent and champion of states' rights. Although Douglas was re-elected Senator from from Illinois, the debates brought Lincoln into the national consciousness and helped send him on to the presidency.

The program also stars Lily Rabe as Adele Douglas, the young wife of Senator Douglas through whose lens we witness the proceedings; James Gleason; and Shannon Cochran. Eric Simonson, 2006 Academy Award-winner for his documentary The Golden Age of Norman Corwin directs. The broadcast includes an interview with Paul Giamatti and David Strathairn.

Listen to a clip of The Rivarly now!

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