Saturday, May 17, 2008

Capstone Interactive Books - Embracing the Medium

When I talk about audiobooks, you'll often hear me chanting my mantra "Embrace the Medium." So you can imagine my excitement about Capstone's new Interactive titles. Their website says the titles are "like an e-book with super powers" and I agree! You can purchase the print book, audio CD, or interactive CD-Rom - and even an online site license. Learn more on their website here or click this autoplay demo to see how animation, music, speech bubbles, and sound effects are combined to make the story come alive. There are picture books, nonfiction, and graphic novels available in the format. Some titles are in both Spanish & English. There are website links, a glossary, about the author and illustrator information, teacher materials, and more. What a great way to capture reader attention with high-interest material that truly embraces the medium!

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