Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cut MP3 files into shorter tracks with Audiobook Cutter

Do you download free audiobooks from your public library’s Overdrive or NetLibrary service? Are you frustrated when the audiobook downloads are large MP3 files that are difficult to navigate on your player? Here is an awesome free program for your computer: Audiobook Cutter from Super-simple drag and drop interface, with the option to split tracks into the length of your choice, offering the opportunity to rename the tracks as you wish. You can even watch a how-to video on installing and using the program from the Show-Me Do site. This is a must-have for Windows users who want to split audiobooks (or any MP3 file) into shorter segments!


Anonymous said...

It's a fantastic tool and it will save me enormous time. Thx!!

I downloaded the version 1.1 which comes with a nice installer and some more features. I'm even thinking about buying the Pro Edition. It seems to be worth the money (there's podcast and Id3 support).
Has anybody experiences with Pro?

BTW They have a new website

Mary Burkey said...

Thanks so much for taking time to let us know about the new website! Glad this tool will work for you! I don't know about the Pro Edition - does anyone out there??