Friday, February 15, 2008

Use Borders' idea for Teen Tech Week!

Now here's something that will create new audiobook addicts: Borders bookstore has a new design for future stores that features digital downloads. The concept store was recently opened in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is garnering lots of notice. The store's digital center is staffed with helpful employees that will assist shoppers with loading MP3 players with music & audiobooks, burning CDs, or downloading eBooks. This will certainly convert many who listen to an old armband radio at the gym to a shiny new MP3 player with the latest bestseller. Great idea to have staff members at the ready to guide those with technology fears through the scary first steps in the digital world.

I’m doing something similar at my middle school for YALSA’s Teen Tech Week. It just so happens that Parent/Teacher conference night falls during that week. So I am holding a “Parent & Teen Tech Night” in the library during conferences. I require all of my eighth-grade students to have a public library card, and encourage the 6th & 7th graders. The Mid-Ohio Library Digital Initiative provides audiobooks, music, eFlicks and eBooks for patrons using their library card. During Tech Night, I will have how-to handouts on downloading through the public library’s website and coach kids & adults through the process. I’ll also display & promote our school library's audiobook collection for Spring Break trips, and have handouts showing how to rip audiobooks to iPods. I find that each time I have a hands-on how-to on getting audiobooks onto iPods/MP3 players, a new batch of audiobook converts are made. I am sure to always have out the fantastic handouts from Recorded Books & Listening Library that show the benefits of audiobook listening.

Are you promoting audiobooks for Teen Tech Week?

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