Monday, February 18, 2008

Digital Warriors #1 "Into the Wild" availble for free

It seems that each day brings a new way to publish literature digitally. HarperCollins Children's bestseller "Into the Wild," the first in Erin Hunter's Warriors series, is one of the first titles that Harper is making available for free on their website. HarperChildren's Audio has produced some of the newer titles in the Warriors series as audiobooks but not "Into the Wild." Too bad - since a free download of an audiobook would also be a great sales boost for the entire series.

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I'd love to see audiobooks included in the promotional buzz around Harper's free digital books & the announcement by Random House of books available for download chapter-by-chapter. Sadly, although the first Random House digital chapter title "Made to Stick" is available as an audiobook, you cannot buy a chapter-at-a-time download. I'll be looking for an alliance of the print and audiobook divisions of publishers to unite in the promotion of digital literature.

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