Friday, February 22, 2008

Poetry Friday: Blues Journey by Walter Dean Myers, illustrated by Christopher Myers, produced by Live Oak Media

Today is my first Poetry Friday post, so I thought I’d continue the theme from Nonfiction Monday. Listen to a sound clip.This masterful collaboration between father and son combines heartfelt poetry with symbolic art, and is given voice by bluesman Richard Allen's powerfully sung narration. Original music composed by Mark "Dog" Deffenbaugh recreates each of Myer’s poems, accenting the pain and joy of the African-American experience. This multi-faceted production illuminates the history of the Middle Passage as well as the musical contribution of the blues genre, offering a title that spans all age categories. Subtle sound effects support the text and illustrations, enhancing the readalong concept. From the first sound of the slow creak of wooden cartwheels introducing the soulful intonation of the title page, listeners are transported into another time and place. When paired with Live Oak’s production of the Myers’ Jazz , the titles provide an incomparable voyage through poetic style, artistic expression, musical history and African-American history. An essential title for all audiobook – and poetry - collections.

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wow that is so cool i love it!!!!!!!!!