Saturday, September 20, 2008

TitlePlayer, Playaway, Mi-vox: Keep your eyes on these preloaded audiobook competitors

At the American Library Association's annual conference last June, I was intrigued by TitlePlayer, a vendor who manufactures pre-loaded audiobooks similar to the Playaway or the Mi-vox. I was impressed with the excellent sound quality and features , and left my contact information to receive updates on the product. It's interesting to see that there is so little competition in the pre-loaded market, even as the Audio Publishers Association statistics show the boom in audiobook listeners. Here's the first promotional email from TitlePlayer, received yesterday, copied below:

Dear Librarian,

We'd like to introduce you to Titleplayer, the revolution in pre-loaded audiobook players. You may already be familiar with the concept: no CDs, no downloads, simply one audiobook already loaded on durable player... just push play!

We created Titleplayer in response to the feedback of real librarians. That's why Titleplayers are the only 'Just Push Play' audiobooks that offer:

  • Two choices of player. The battery-operated TitleClassic, and the new TitleTicket which was designed with libraries in mind and features USB rechargablity, a built in FM transmitter for commuters, and a sleek new design to appeal to younger audiences. The most user-friendly designs on the market!
  • Easiest audiobook circulation standards ever. Ticket recharger cables are anchored inside library standard DVD packaging, so patrons can recharge at home. Plus, the packaging for both models features a clear viewing window, so you know exactly what's inside. Just check it in and out. It's as easy as a book.
  • Factory direct pricing. We own our factory, which means we can offer the highest quality audio, (compare our CD quality 128kbps sound to current industry standard 48kbps), at the lowest price.

All of this, featuring over 500 titles for kids and adults, with an average of 50 new titles added every month. Make this selection available to your libraries TODAY and take advantage of our rolling ordering and separate bill-to and ship-to systems. Titles are all ISBN-labelled and MARC compatible, with barcodes.

How? Just take a look! It's all in our library shop: Or click here to check out our new Library Starter package.

It's a portal into the future of audiobooks. We look forward to hearing from you.


Christy Meyer
Library Advisor

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