Thursday, June 5, 2008

Short & Sweet - Novels by Tweet

Here's something new - books delivered via Twitter. Daily Lit is offering three works via (super) short installments, beginning June 16th: Cory Doctorow's Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom , Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice , and Tom Peters's 100 Ways to Success/Make Money. What a great idea!

Daily Lit currently sends books via email or RSS daily, in five minute chunks that can be read on your computer, PDA, or smartphone. It's free for public domain titles, while other books require payment after a free beginning sample. Can you imagine getting a daily voice message sent to your cell phone with an audiobook serialized in commute-sized chunks? Everyone from business-suited subway riders to bus-riding teens would be happily listening! Audiobook publishers could send teaser-chapters to subscribers who want samples of favorite genres, who could purchase the title if interested. Maybe this is already happening, and I just don't know it!


Bill Seitz said...

Thanks for the link!

Just to clarify, each tweet will contain a *link* to that days installment, accessible via traditional web page. Twitter acts as a reminder/alert, not the delivery mechanism itself. Because 140chars would be a bit crazy....

Also, while we're not going into audio delivery any time soon, we are working toward a "sampler" system of delivering descriptions and initial installments of books. And our new-books RSS feeds already include the description for most books, plus a link to the 1st installment.

Mary Burkey said...

Thanks for the clarification & update, Bill!