Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Audiobooks on cell phones: a report from England

British novelist Andy McNab is the co-founder of GoSpoken, an audiobook download company in England. As a result of a conversation in a pub, he recently teamed with Vodaphone, one of the largest mobile phone companies in Europe. The result? Just type www.gospoken.com in the cell phone browser and get audiobooks downloaded in three minutes or less. Here's more information from the website:

We love GoSpoken because: Audiobooks are better than paper books when you are walking, running, on a crowded train or bus, driving a car and most of all lying in the sun (nothing is more annoying than trying to find a comfortable position while reading a paperback in the sun with sweat dripping on to your book). You never leave home without your phone. You will never be bored with GoSpoken on your mobile phone as you will be able to download from anywhere that has network coverage. You have no need to carry other entertainment devices, iPods, books etc. You can keep your children quiet by downloading suitable Horrid Henry stories. You will be able to comment about and have an opinion on almost all books and topics as you will never be able to say "you don't have time". Security queues at British airports and train delays will not bother you again. While all around you get sweaty with frustration you will be transported to Andy McNab's Iraq, Ian McEwan's Chesil Beach or Stephen Hawking's Universe. Erotic books can be enjoyed without having to hide them inside another magazine on the tube, and it won't show up on your credit card statements. No more annoying messing about with side loading to iPods or ripping CDs to your MP3 player... a nightmare. Download audio books in minutes to your phone and listen to it immediately on your handsets' media player. At last a quality mobile phone application for adults that doesn't involve a crazy frog. GoSpoken is green and environmentally-friendly. Costs are charged directly to your mobile phone with just one click, no messing about with credit cards. Audiobooks as downloads are far cheaper than CDs and much more readily available; let us worry about your audio library.
Image from www.gospoken .com

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