Friday, December 28, 2007

Audiobook CDs on your iPod

Hooray! Santa filled your stocking with a shiny new iPod! Time to play with your new toy...

Are you a Windows user who wants to add your audiobooks on CD to your iPod? Do you download free MP3 audiobooks from public domain websites such as LibriVox? Try these tricks for ripping the CDs so that they will be recognized as a single audiobook that will remember your place with a bookmark.

iLounge has a great introduction called The Complete Guide to iPod Audiobooks - from purchasing from online vendors to adding your own CDs. Includes a link to their spoken word discussion forum.

Michael Alderete's Aldoblog has a great How to Import Audio CD audiobooks into iTunes post showing step-by-step how-to directions.

Here's a VERY detailed method from Stan Brown on Converting CDs to iTunes Audiobooks.

You can purchase an excellent software product called MarkAble for $15.

Apple has a download for Mac users called Audiobook Builder.

And while you're at it - take a look at Openculture's 10 Ways to Make Your iPod a Better Learning Gadget

Plus, check out the Free Downloads from iTunes web site for no-cost weekly features from iTunes - often includes audiobooks.

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